Personal data protection

In the view of implementing provisions on personal data protection of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan, and the actions undertaken within the institution’s reformation process, as well as in order to respect the fundamental right to privacy and private life, Border Police pays particular attention to personal data protection.

Legal framework:

- Law No. 215 as of 04.11.2011 on State Border of the Republic of Moldova

Article 43. Processing of personal data:
1. When registering persons who have crossed the state border or during the identification procedure the following personal data may be collected and stored:

  1. name and surname;
  2. date and place of birth;
  3. home address;
  4. citizenship;
  5. number of travel document and its validity;
  6. identification number of the person in accordance with travel document data;
  7. place, time and direction of crossing the state border.

2. Data collected in accordance with par. (1) are stored complying with the legislation on personal data protection.

3. Public administration authorities processing personal data in the process of border control undertake, complying with the law, organizational and technical measures for ensuring personal data protection against destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal actions.
4. Border Police, Customs Service and other control agencies established by law shall ensure exercise of rights of personal data subjects for free.
- Law No. 283 as of 28.12.2011 on Border Police

Article 10. Special provisions on use and protection of data, including personal data
1. For efficient execution of its duties, Border Police has the right to collect, process and store information on persons and means of transport crossing the state border; to create and use own information databases; to use databases of other entities in accordance with the law on personal data protection.
2. Border Police, within the limits set up by legislation, has the right to process personal data.
3. Border Police shall ensure data protection against destruction, loss, unauthorized access to it.

Article 11. Activity transparency
1. Border Police shall provide official information to individual and legal persons complying with the law. The right to access information may be restricted according to the law on information access.
2. Transparency of Border Police activity is ensured through cooperation with civil society, publishing useful information in the media and on the official website of the Border Police Department in accordance with legislation on transparency of the decision making-process.
- Government Decision No. 434 as of 19.06.2012 on Border Police

10. Based on the mission and functions assigned, the Border Police Department carries out the following duties:
18) provides information on crossing the state border by persons and means of transport in accordance with the law on personal data protection;

- Government Decision No. 926 as of 12.12.2012 on implementing Law No. 215 as of 4 November 2011 on State Border of the Republic of Moldova

84. In order to exercise their duties, institutions responsible for public order and national security can make use of data submitted to Border Police in accordance with the provisions of law on personal data protection.

- Government Decision No. 834 as of 07.07.2008 on Integrated Information System of the Border Police

6. BPIIS functions
e) to ensure data protection at all stages of collection, storage and presentation;

21. Information security
Information security shall be ensured through a complex set of legal, technical-organizational and economic measures with the use of technology, software/hardware devices, and cryptographic information protection mechanisms aiming to ensure the required level of integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of information resources.

Registers for personal data record are compiled in accordance with internal documents regulating the purpose, method of storage and access to the registers.


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