În atenția participanților la traficul transfrontalier!


181104 10Punctul de trecere a frontierei comun „Palanca- Maiaki – Udobnoe” își va sista temporar activitatea începând cu data de 4 iunie 2018, ora 13:00 până pe 5 iunie 2018, ora 13:00. În perioada respectivă sunt preconizate lucrări de pozare a canalizării cablurilor de alimentare cu energie electrică aflate pe teritoriul punctului de trecere.

Situation at border, balance of the week


foto 107During the period 30 January - 5 February 2017, at the "green border" and crossing points, the border police officres have notified 155 events, documenting 181 persons who violated the border and migration legislation of the Republic of Moldova as follows:

Visibility and transparency in the activity of the Border Police


foto 1

"At the fourth edition of the postgraduate course we offer the opportunity to know us closely in all fields of activity. And we do hope, as a result of these courses, new initiatives, new collaborations and allegations of institutional development" declared the Head of professional training of the BPD, Angela Poddubnaia, in the framework of a meeting with several civil servants, representatives of NGOs and civil society. 

Exchange practices with Estonian border police officers in the field of documents expertise


K5GP1007-1Border Police officers within the Document's Expertise Directorate participated at the meeting with Estonian counterparts, where they exchanged information and experiences and got familiar with the activity of experts in the specialty field. The parties have also discussed the latest trends of falsifying documents and new methods for their protection.

Efficiency of border police officers, appreciated at the highest level


sondajThe Border police officers have the obligation to provide a quality service through active participation in decision-making and their implementation in practice, which is one of the priorities of the Border Police. This is demonstrated including the latest poll released on its official web page, which shows that Border Police employee efficiency was appreciated at the highest level.

Dismantling a criminal group specialized in human trafficking


1The employees of Border Police, under the coordination of Prosecutor's Office of the municipality of Chisinau, sector of Botanica, have busted a criminal group specialized in human trafficking and trafficking of children, of whom two members were brought to justice.

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