Visibility and transparency in the activity of the Border Police

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"At the fourth edition of the postgraduate course we offer the opportunity to know us closely in all fields of activity. And we do hope, as a result of these courses, new initiatives, new collaborations and allegations of institutional development" declared the Head of professional training of the BPD, Angela Poddubnaia, in the framework of a meeting with several civil servants, representatives of NGOs and civil society. 

The event took place today, February 3 A.C. in the context of the study visit to the Border Police Department, being conducted for a group of participants in the postgraduate course in the field of security and defense.

In the framework of a presentation, the border police officers talked about the role and importance of border authority in ensuring national security, the working policies and strategies as well as the level of cooperation with other structures. In the discussions, the participants were interested in the challenges facing the institution currently has and what priorities to put forward this year.

To enter into the essence of the institutional activity, students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves but also to test the technique and special means of equipping the Border Police, including weapons. At the same time, an inspector cynologist with fellow quadruped Laky, presented a program of training and screening of banned substances, demonstrating the abilities of the service dogs.

Note: The postgraduate course is organized by the Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies of the Military Academy of the Armed Forces "Alexandru cel Bun", supported by internal and external partners. It is intended for the dignitaries, leading civil servants (including special status) and civil society representatives, graduates of higher education institutions, civil or military, occupying or tending in the perspective to occupy public positions of leadership, responsible for developing policies development and which directly or indirectly are concerned with the areas of security and defense of the state.

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