Efficiency of border police officers, appreciated at the highest level

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sondajThe Border police officers have the obligation to provide a quality service through active participation in decision-making and their implementation in practice, which is one of the priorities of the Border Police. This is demonstrated including the latest poll released on its official web page, which shows that Border Police employee efficiency was appreciated at the highest level.

Since October 2016 until January 2017, the Border Police sought the views of the visitor official page opposite the efficiency of border control inspectors in crossing the state border. The results are encouraging, demonstrating that the Border Police employees exercise their work with dedication and professionalism. Thus, for four months, 84.9% of voters appreciated the efficiency of border police officers at the highest level; 7.8% of respondents described it as acceptable, while 4.5% - unacceptable.

Border Police is committed to continuously improve their professional skills in all fields. Next, launch another survey to find out the views of citizens about the work of border inspectors. Specifically, this time we want to know which way people obtain information wnen crossing the border. Web site visitors will answer the question "Which methods do you use to get information on finding ways in the border area or crossing the state border, when you need them?" with the following response options:

1. Browse the Border Police web page;

2. Call the reliable phone at the Green Line;

3. From other persons;

4. From the press, radio or television;

5. Other sources.

The question can be viewed under the heading POLLING, which is located on the right side of the official web page and the vote can be granted once in 24 hours.

We shall recall that in another survey, the Border Police aims to find out how much is the job of a border police officer attractive and how many persons would like to be included in the great border family. The survey confirmed that although border activity involves many rigors, responsibilities and challenges, many respondents declared they would like to serve in the Border Police.

We urge you to continue the participation in the polls launched by the Border Police, as your opinion is very important to us, we appreciate it and thank you.

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