Attempt to smuggle medicines from the state border

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16409043 10206230441839227 1232376576 oAn attempt to illegally cross the medicines across the state border was annihilated by the common control team made up of employees of Border Police and Customs Service.

Thus, on January 28 this year, at the crossing point "Tudora", at the exit from the Republic of Moldova, as a result of physical control performed on a transportation means of model "Mitsubishi Lancer", registered in Ukraine, were found 168 boxes of medicines. Some of them were hidden in a blanket, and others - in place of the spare wheel storage.

At the wheel of the car was a man aged 36 years, residing in Odessa, Ukraine. Being questioned, he said that the medicines were purchased in municipality of Chisinau for his relatives, on the grounds that such preparations could not be found on the territory of Ukraine.

The case was forwarded to the competency of Customs Service for further research of rigor.

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