Tablets with inscription "Border Zone" take a new look

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2In order to ensure supervision of the state border and maintainance of rules of the border zone regime, was approved a new model of tablets indicating the entrance / exit to / from the border zone. These panels will replace the existing, obsolete and outdated, requiring a major change in terms of format, chromatics and location in the area of competence.

The new models of tablets will have size 90 cm / 60 cm and will be placed at a height of about 180 cm. Fund will mainly be covered by a pronounced green and in white will be inscribed inscription "Border Zone", with English translation of "BORDER ZONES". Signs will be installed on both access roads in the border area, but also in localities in the area. By the end, the Border Police aims to replace all the old boards with the new model.

We specify that the new tablets, adapted to European requirements, will facilitate the work of the Border Police employee, by attractive informing of persons in the vicinity of the zone, but also those in border localities.

In accordance with the legal provisions, the border zone - is a territory established along sectors of land and water borders in depth the state border, with width of 10 kilometers, with the purpose of insurance of supervision and control at the border crossing.

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