Situation at border, balance of the week

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foto 41Within the period 07-13 November 2016 the flow of crossings at the crossing points noted a significant decrease, comparing to the first week of the current month. The flow of persons was 319 216 crossings, lesser with 10.4 % and the traffic of transport units showed a value of 87 381 crossings, decreasing by 7.7 %.

At the crossing points and "green border" the border police officers recorded 61 events, documenting the 66 persons who violated the border and migration legislation of the Republic of Moldova, as follows:

- 23 persons for the infringement of state border regime, as well as that of the BCPs;
- 8 persons presented false and falsified travel acts;
- 20 foreign citizens exceeded the period of stay on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
- 3 persons were documented for illegal transportation of goods;
- 12 persons investigated for breaching traffic regulations.

During the preceding week, 28 foreigners and 65 vehicles, were refused entry to the Republic of Moldova. Also, according to the data held, 12 Moldovans did not have access to enter the Russian Federation, and one co-national into European Union. From the Russian Federation and EU were deported five Moldovans.
Border police officers had six border meetings with representatives of the border authorities of Ukraine and Romania in order to exchange information and acceptance transmission of offenders.
To support participants in cross-border traffic by allowing them the possibility to opt for a less crowded route as on the homepage of the website of Border Police can be viewed a new application "Traffic Online". The application provides information on the average waiting time at border crossings (road) for categories of vehicles: cars / buses and trucks.

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