Maximum security at the state border

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1044352 956181637810704 9179353055279505549 nIn the context of the latest tragic events in EU countries, resulting in numerous casualties, the Border Police states that it continues to take a series of measures aimed at ensuring national security.

- Establishing a rigorous regime of activity in all checkpoints, mostly at the most requested BCPs (Chisinau International Airport and several BCPs located on the border with Romania and Ukraine).

- Creation of reserves for employees of attestation of a larger flow of passengers will intervene to ease the cross-border traffic.

- Strengthening border controls, mainly in respect of persons originating in or coming from countries where armed conflicts are conducted, as well as from states in their vicinity.

- Active involvement of canine teams inspecting luggage to detect explosive substances in crowded places where under the powers conferred under public order is provided by the Border Police. Conducting patrols with the dogs specially trained.

- Application of the detailed examination of the special means of transport.

- Enhancing the cooperation with law enforcement authorities both national and international. Through operative and public form of co-working with cooperation partners is accumulated the information on the spirit and activities that may constitute a threat to public order and security.

- Putting under alert Border Police personnel, previously trained in various anti-terrorist exercises.

- Subjecting the certain number of passengers to extra border control, especially people who are suspicious. If in normal regime are verified 15%, at the present moment such examination pass 80% of people.

Border Police expresses its sympathy to the people who have suffered following the terrorist attacks in Belgium, this morning.

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