Positive results on the reliability of the border policemen

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Prezentare1In the manner already known, quarterly, responsible for managing the official page make available a variety of surveys to determine users' satisfaction on services and information provided by the Border Police, the way the quality of information is perceived and its accessibility. In the latest survey, the Border Police aims to assess the reliability degree of the border policemen, the same question being put to vote, for the second consecutive year.

Thus, for three months, participants had three response options to the question "Do you trust the Border Police?", To which 460 voted - YES, they do trust, 139 - NO and only 30 of respondents had no tangents / interaction with the Border Police. Some results are satisfactory for the Border Police, being proved stability compared with data a year ago.

In both surveys, the majority of voters trust the border police officers, which leads us to continue with the same tempo all the actions carried out with the aim of improving services at the border, actively promote the concept of zero tolerance against corruption, to assume the risks and manage threats.

Also, we do remember that the end of 2015, Transparency International - Moldova has released the results of a study on corruption in the Republic of Moldova. According to them, the Border Police enjoys an improvement at the chapter of trust in the institution and the services provided. In the opinion of respondents the most credible are the tax inspectors, followed by border police officers, customs officers, policemen, employees of National Center of Anticorruption, National Center of Integrity, the list ending with judges and prosecutors. Similarly, border police officers are counted among employees of the institutions who show a high level of professionalism by 17.7%, to police and customs officials indicating 14.3% - 8.9%.

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