Another 48 kg of fish seized in the border area

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The employees of the Southern Regional Directorate documented seven inhabitants of Cahul district for violation of border regime with the aim of fishing in protected areas of the state reserve "Prutul de Jos", the activity prohibited by GD No. 209 of April 23, 1991.

On 24 February, the inspectors of Border Police Sector "Branza" apprehended on the direction Slobozia-Mare -Tuluceşti, two men who were fishing on the lake Beleu. At the request of border policemen to identify themselves, they were unable to present documents that would have allowed fishing in the area. There were also discovered seven nets with a total length of 650 meters, with which they managed to catch 46 different species of fish: plant feeder, plat fish-for-Danube, carp and crucian.

On the same direction, on February 26, were found two other inhabitants of Cahul district, aged respectively 23 and 24 years who were fishing on Lake Beleu. From them were raised ten monofilament nets, with total length of 700 meters, and fish - 69 pieces, weighing 20 kg.

The third case was registered yesterday, February 28, when employees of the Border Police detained three other citizens residing in Cahul district, also, being documented for the offense of poaching fish in the aquatorium of the Reservation "Prutul de Jos". In assessing delicti detected were recorded 21 nets and 105 different fish species, a total of 18 kg.

According to the procedure in respect of the persons detained were made protocols on offense for violating the rules of border regime zone, as well as being apllied the fines at the rate of 20 u.c. Given the fact that the actions meet the above-mentioned persons and the infringement, provided for in Article 114 para. (1) of the Offences Code of the Republic of Moldova, the persons with goods seized were transmitted by competence, to Fisheries Service of Cahul.

We should remind that in the morning of February 24 the employees of the Border Police Sector "Cismichioi" detained a Moldovan who was fishing on Lake Cahul with devices prohibited by law. The young man, of 23 years old, did not have authorization for fishing activities nor informed in advance the border policemen about his stay in the area. Then they found several nets with a length of about 1000 meters and 800 fish of species Caras, in the amount of 200 kg.

Overall, during the preceding week, they have been attracted for the liability for breaching the rules of procedure of the border area for the purpose of poaching fish - 8 persons, from whom they were taken cumulatively 39 monofilament nets of 4450 meters and 1020 fishes of different species.


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