Gunfire and contraband cigarettes raised at border

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1Border police officers discovered 6.810 cigarettes packs of domestic origin, amounting to 73 370 lei, which three Moldovans planned to illegally transport across the river Prut. In the framework of the operation of detention on the spot, the persons didn't obey legal notices by voice, which is why border police officers were forced to use weaponry from endowment.

Based on intelligence about the performance of activities of smuggling tobacco products, were taken more specific measures of supervision and control of the segment of responsibility of Ungheni Border Police Sector in order to identify and detain persons involved in smuggling. In this regard, on February 13, 2016, around 19:00 through the service's dispatcher Ungheni Border Police Sector, announced that the mobile patrol noticed that towards the borderline forwarded some people, carrying on them big boxes . Quickly, on the spot came the intervention group which acted for their detention.

During the action, the border police officers conducted summons by voice, at which people have abandoned parcels and tried to escape, dispersing it in several directions. As a result, Border Police employees have used weaponry being fired two warning shots complying with legal provisions.

As a result, on the direction of the localities Petreşti-Petreşti was possible the detention of three men aged 21, 23 and 31, residing in localities of Ungheni and Criuleni. In the research area were found five packages wrapped in black foil which contained a quantity of 2 880 packs of cigarettes "Ploughman" 1500 packages - "Hilton" 1490 package "Ritm" and 940 packages "Winston". The value of the total quantity of cigarettes is 73 370 lei.

Detainees and the materials gained on this case were sent to the prosecution authority of the Border Police for the necessary researches regarding criminal offenses provided for by Article 27 of Criminal Code, Article 248 paragraph 5 (b) of the Criminal Code of RM, the youth risk jail imprisonment for 3 to 10 years.


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