Two attempts to smuggle cigarettes, registered at the Airport of the Capital

on .

bf7d3aae3c91d2679081ab81f79746dfeaf27bc80af850b93aab03a9c570d379Employees of the Border Police and Customs Service have successfully thwarted two attempts of illegal crossing of tobacco products across the state border.

The cases were registered in weekend on exit track of the border crossing point of the Chisinau International Airport.

Thus, acting on risk analysis within the border control carried out over the passengers and baggage of the flight Chisinau-Bucharest, the border police officers in cooperation with customs inspectors have redirected many passengers on the red corridor for additional verification.

During the scanning with X-ray device and sampling-ray images of luggage of the 2 persons appeared reasonable suspicion being detected 22 200 cigarettes, concealed for illegal transportation.

The value of tobacco products on the European market is estimated at about 4500 euro.

It should be mentioned that the first offender is a Syrian with residence permit of Romania, and the second is the Romanian national.

In these circumstances, for the offense committed, the men were chosen by a report according to indices Article 287. para.10 - RM Offences Code, which provides the confiscation of cigarettes and payment of a fine amounting to 3000 lei.

After finishing processes of documentation, the offenders continued their trip.


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